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Spare parts, spare's for various classic Thorens TD turntables like TD 121, 124, 134, 135, 184, 224, with emphasis on TD124. Bushings, bearings, repair kits, cosmetical parts, screws, circlips, mushrooms, motor mounting kit's Conversion kits for MkI to MkII conversion Mat fits perfectly on my TD124. Thorens 124 CORK TURNTABLE MAT by Xad. Your mat is best quality mat ever seen for turntables! 3mm thick mat has a label recess as well as a recess around the periphery, allows LP to sit flat. On my TD-124 either one of these produces an audibly quieter noise floor than does the standard rubber mat. The platter mat is critical to the sound quality of the TD124 and this platter mat adapter from Woodsong Audio is the perfect enabler for experimentation with alternate platter mats. Thorens TD 124 Swiss Machine – There are quite a few legendary names in high fidelity which are capable of sparking joy in the hearts of most audiophiles when mentioned.

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Din gåva kan ge en hemlös person tak över huvudet eller ett mål mat till en hungrig familj. · SkivspelareI mycket gott skick.Tonarm: SME 3009S2Monterad på skivspelaren sitter en  Nécessite un préampli phono - Finition noir mat. Livrée avec cellule Ortofon OM5e. Courroie pour platine vinyle Thorens TD 124 Courroie Thorens TD 124  Scania Bar, Mat & Tequila. 9:31am Igårkväll blev det musikquiz, god mat och dryck på the Tivoli supermysigt❤️#vacation #Thorens #TD124 #Vinylbaren. #2020 #nyårsafton #manella #bestfriends #vinylspelare #lpskiva #charkuteri #nyårsmat #alkoholfritt #finglas #vintage Thorens TD 124 / Ortofon SMG 212.

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It is 100% stock and there are no marks or scratches on it. The plinth was professionally built out of birch plywood. The top layer is a cherry veneer and the Platine Vinyle Thorens TD 124 MK2. Thorens TD 124 fabriquées de 1955 à 1965 (mk1) à 1966 à 1968 (mk2)N° de série 64250 environ 1966http://thorens.idler.vraif Se hela listan på Thorens TD124 – dröm eller mardröms vinylspelaren Uppbyggnaden av en TD124 modell I under året 2018/19 Blogg inlägget kommer att uppdateras allt eftersom funktion tillkommer.


If also used with our Thorens TD 124 turntable mat the resulting aluminium cork sandwich is very inert resulting in superb sonic performance from your Thorens TD 124. Thorens even published a leaflet covering this issue in the Sixties. Most TD 124s are equipped with the magnetic platter, but there’s a solution – just increase the distance between cartridge and platter. I have a glass platter with an extra cork mat to increase the distance for 5 to 6 mm and now even the SPU works fine. Equipment reviews (written here) specific to the Thorens TD124: Review Article: Woodsong Audio TD124 Platter Mat Adapter. Review Article: The Hood; a dust cover for the Thorens TD124,121,134,135 models. Review Article: Audiosilente idler wheel: The ESL tonearm a frequent choice made by new TD124 owners in the North American market.

Tonearms : mostly Thorens BTD 12 S, SME, Ortofon, Thorens TP 14 (TD 124 Mk II) AC 4pole induction motor, belt/idler wheel drive, 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm, mechanically switched, pitch, platter weight 4.5 kg (cast iron) or 3.0 kg (zinc alloy), top platter (aluminium) with clutch, manual operation.
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Serienr 4470, 1900-andra hälft.

Thorens Genuine Thorens High-Quality Leather Turntable Platter Mat (Black).
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In the photo below you can see Chris' adapter on the left, next to the Thorens 45RPM adapter, on the right. The Thorens TD124 InterMat is designed to sit on the main platter of the Thorens TD124 series turntables to provide a well damped platter assembly when the top platter is in place. If also used with our Thorens TD 124 turntable mat the resulting aluminium cork sandwich is very inert resulting in superb sonic performance from your Thorens TD 124.

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Thorens TD124. Skåne. 3 jan. 07:58 Pentax 6x7 MLU med mätprisma och 75/4,5 och 90/2,8.